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How to make a Soy Candle

Making soy wax candles is not much different than making paraffin candles. Some of the differences are pour temperature that is the temperature you pour the liquid wax into the container and handling of the wax. These directions should help the first time candle maker and experienced candle maker alike. The directions are on how to make a soy wax container candle.

Materials you will need are:

Steps in making your soy wax container candle.

  1. Prepare your container by cleaning the inside bottom from any dust or other particles that might keep the wick sticker from sticking to the bottom of the container. It's recommended that you preheat your clear jars to help prevent the wax from pulling away from the jar. If you can use an oven or toaster over set to 150°F that works best. Some people also use heat guns or hair driers. When using tins for other non clear containers generally you don't need to pre-heat the container.

  2. Melting the wax. The safest way to melt soy wax is with a double boiler. That is a melt pot in a pot with boiling water. You will need to use a thermometer to make sure the wax reaches 185°F and you should keep the wax at that temperature for about 5 minutes.

  3. While the wax is melting you should prepare the wick by pulling one side off the wick sticker. Press the bottom of the wick tab to the wick sticker. You can set that aside until you are about ready to pour the candle.

  4. The next step is adding the dye. Once the wax reaches 185°F it's time to add the candle dye to the melted wax and stir real well to make sure the dye is fully incorporated. Trying not to incorporate any air into the wax.

  5. Adding the fragrance oil. Take the melt pot with the melted and colored soy wax off the heat and add your fragrance oil at the rate of 1 to 1 1/2 ounces per pound of soy wax. Make sure you stir the fragrance oil in real well. Keeping the thermometer in the wax checking it occasionally until it reaches the pour temp. For Naturewax C-3 you should find that pouring around 150°F works best.

  6. Carefully take the heated jar out of the oven with pot holders. Now take the wick with the wick sticker and press the bottom of the wick sticker to the bottom of the container. Use the wick bar to keep the wick centered and taunt.

  7. Once the wax reaches the pour temp carefully pour the wax into the jar very slowly on one side opening between the wick bar and the container. For best results let the candle cool over night. The next day you should trim the wick down to and do this each time before you relight the candle.

  8. Now you can burn your new candle. Some people like to cure their candles for 48 hours to a week before they burn them. We find with NatureWax C-3 you only need 24 hours of cure time.

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