Soy Wax, Candle Fragrance Oils and more! Wholesale Soy wax candle making supplies including NatureWax C-3, Golden Brands 464, fragrance oils, wicks, candle dyes and soy candle kits. At wholesale prices.
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Soy Wax Candle Making Supplies


Picture of Soy Wax Flakes and some soy beans.

We believe the best natural wax is NatureWax C-3 for containers and tea-lights. All of our prices are wholesale so no need to apply for special pricing before you order. You will receive the best price up front. Purchase as little as two pounds to full pallets depending on your needs.


We are making room for some new fragrances. We just added some fragrances that are being discontinued to the Special Offers page.

Closeouts & Special Offers

Our entire candle fragrance oils have been tested in NatureWax C-3 for cold and hot scent throw. Only offering scents with a great fragrance and scent throw. Ultra-Strong fragrance oils work great in natural waxes including soy wax, they will also work in bees, wax and candle making wax blends. Most of our scents can also be used for personal care products like lotions and soaps.

Candle Wicks

We offer candle wicks have been primed with All Natural soy wax blend, not paraffin, high melt point wax for stability when pouring your candles. So you can market your candles as All Natural when using our wicks. All of our wicks are lead free too. We offer cotton cored wicks from Atkins & Pearce as well as Wedo's RRD wicks, paper core wicks, core less wicks from Atkins & Pearce's HTP wicks, Wedo's ECO wicks and Stabilo's CD wicks

FREE* SHIPPING only on Candle Wicks, to all 50 states.

*US Only

Candle Making Dyes

We offer many forms of dyes for use in your candles.

Top Selling Fragrance Oils

16oz Bamboo Coconut - Ultra-Strong Fragrance Oil

A wonderful year round fragrance with a wide interest starts off with a creamy coconut, coconut milk aroma. With hints of strawberry and peach. Middle notes of apple, tropical pineapple and mimosa. Base notes of bamboo, hay, vanilla, and light cedarwood. Flash Point >200° F

Buy 1: $31.65 Each
Buy 2+: $30.65 Each
23 In Stock
16oz Fraser Pine - Balsam Fir - Ultra-Strong Fragrance Oil

A comforting, warm, fresh cut pine tree type with notes of crisp Siberian fir needles, mossy cedarwood, soft floral musk and sandalwood. Comparable to the well known Frasier (Type) Fragrance. Flash Point: 150° F

Buy 1: $35.47 Each
Buy 2+: $34.57 Each
Out of Stock
16oz Orange Ginger Fizz (Type) - Ultra-Strong Fragrance Oil

Effervescent blend of fresh picked oranges and green citrusy notes with spicy cinnamon, coconut and pineapple middles notes. Hits of sweet vanilla finish of this interesting fragrance. Flash Point: 183° F

Buy 1: $30.77 Each
Buy 2+: $29.77 Each
In Stock
16oz Victorian Rose - Ultra-Strong Fragrance Oil

A fresh cut rose with a slight musky background. Flash Point: >200° F

Buy 1: $32.43 Each
Buy 2+: $31.43 Each
In Stock

New Fragrances

16oz Bali Breeze - Ultra-Strong Fragrance Oil

Our Bali Breeze fragrance starts off with Meyer lemon, orange, crisp pear, and melon. With middle notes of marine/ozone, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, tuberose, orange flower, and black current. Base notes of white musk, iris, velvet woods, sandalwood, and red raspberry. Flash Point: >200° F

$38.85 $34.97 (Save 10%)
In Stock
16oz Botanical Garden - NS Clean Aromas - Fragrance Oil

(Basil + Rosemary) Aromatic green fragrance begins with a cool mint, rosemary, basil, and herbal notes. Middle notes of green apple, rose water, and white petals. In a base of teakwood and soft woods. Flash Point: >200° F

$26.50 $23.85 (Save 10%)
In Stock
16oz Citrus Grove - NS Clean Aromas - Fragrance Oil

A citrus fruity fragrance that starts with sparkling citrus, grapefruit, and green rhubarb. Middle notes of tropical fruits, pineapple, mango, and fresh jasmine. With base notes of raspberry and sweet musk. Flash Point: 186° F

$23.85 $21.47 (Save 10%)
In Stock
16oz Daydream Bloom - NS Clean Aromas - Fragrance Oil

Floral Fruity οΎ– Juicy nectarine, apricot, and green pear are the top notes with water lily, lotus, white rose, and jasmine petals for the middle notes on a base of an earthy accord with vetiver, cedar, and silky musk. Flash Point: >200° F

$25.18 $22.66 (Save 10%)
In Stock
16oz Desert Origins - Ultra-Strong Fragrance Oil

A woody floral fragrance that starts with mandarin, grapefruit, and lemon. Floral middle notes with rose, black pepper, and mint leaf. The earthy base is patchouli and sheer musks. Flash Point: >200° F

Buy 1: $26.50 Each
Buy 2+: $25.50 Each
In Stock
16oz Jungle Leaf - NS Clean Aromas - Fragrance Oil

(Palm + Banana Leaf) - Aromatic green fragrance with crips greens, agave, and juicy pear. Middle notes of blue eucalyptus and cactus blossom. With base notes of palm leaf and sweet musk. Flash Point: >200° F

$22.53 $20.28 (Save 10%)
In Stock
16oz Fireside Whiskey - Ultra-Strong Fragrance Oil

Starts off with Cardamon, Black Pepper, and soft Suede. With middle notes of Whiskey, Black Iris, Cedar Leaf, and Smoky aroma. The base notes are Sandalwood, Patchouli, Guaiacwood, Amber, and Musks. Flash Point: >200° F

Buy 1: $27.79 Each
Buy 2+: $26.79 Each
In Stock
16oz Forest Escape - NS Clean Aromas - Fragrance Oil

A woody aromatic fragrance that starts off with aquatic notes, a mineral accord, and citrus zest. Middle notes of aromatic herbs, pineapple, and floral notes. The bases notes are patchouli, cedarwood, amber, and musks. Flash Point: >200° F

$26.50 $23.85 (Save 10%)
In Stock
16oz Fresca Melonade - NS Clean Aromas - Fragrance Oil

This fruity green fragrance starts with juicy watermelon, cantaloupe, and fresh peach. Middle notes of white flowers, Lotus, and fresh petals. Base notes of sweet stems and green foliage. Flash Point: >200° F

$25.50 $22.95 (Save 10%)
In Stock
16oz Hearthside Tweed - Ultra-Strong Fragrance Oil

Cinnamon, Clove Bud, Cedar Leaf start this wonderful warm winter/holiday fragrance that can be used all year. With middle notes of Leather, Fir Needles, Tonka Bean, and a Smoky note. The base notes are earthy Oakmoss, Vanilla, Patchouli, Amber, and Cashmere Musks. Flash Point: >200° F

Buy 1: $26.50 Each
Buy 2+: $25.50 Each
In Stock
16oz Mineral Springs - Ultra-Strong Fragrance Oil

Soothing notes of melon and citrus meld with sheer florals and herbal lavandin alongside gentle musk and amber to evoke the refreshing feel of mineral water. Flash Point: 150° F

$31.75 $28.58 (Save 10%)
In Stock
16oz Ocean Shore Linen - Ultra-Strong Fragrance Oil

A fresh aromatic fragrance that starts off with melon and dewy greens. Middle notes of fresh fir needles, eucalyptus, cyclamen, and aquatic notes. All in a base of sea moss, sandalwood, cedarwood and musks. Flash Point: 186° F

Buy 1: $26.50 Each
Buy 2+: $25.50 Each
In Stock
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